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Kanban view and more

Today we’ve added the ability to visualize records on a Kanban board via new “Kanban” view type. Consider Pizzeria database:


eSignature. HelloSign Integration with TeamDesk

An embedded eSignature is a vital option that helps streamline e-signing documents generated by your online database. Signing documents electronically allows to establish completely paperless legal procedures, as long as eSignature provider credibility is widely recognized. TeamDesk selected HelloSign as integrated eSignature provider because of its wide recognition and sufficient API capabilities. The following sample…

eSignature HelloSign Integration

TeamDesk has your back through weathering the COVID-19 crisis

In the exceptional circumstances caused by COVID-19 our first priority is to provide a flexible, scalable and secure online work environment for all customers. We continue to work as usual TeamDesk/dbFLEX development and support teams have shifted to a completely remote work model to keep our staff in a safe and healthy environment. Communication channels Our…


Delete Record workflow action

This week we’ve implemented a “Delete Record” workflow action that would allow deleting related details along with the master record.“Delete Record” action makes the setup quick and easy. Let’s take the “Invoicing” database example where each Invoice is related to multiple Items. For instance, you need to delete an Invoice record all together with the…

Delete Invoice & Items

Extra security for TeamDesk Enterprise Edition

Last week we added extra security features to TeamDesk Enterprise Edition: an option to block user account after some unsuccessful login attempts and a page to display all accounts’ login-related activities. Here is a new option on Security Control page. “Do not block…” let TeamDesk behave as usual. But now you have an option to…

Icons Everywhere

As was promised earlier we’ve added an ability to place icons on tables, views and dashboards with an option to hide a text on buttons and documents. Tables now feature icons to display on the tab and an option to completely substitute a tab caption with an icon. Views and dashboards may now display an…

Icons Everywhere

Exploring a Mobile Device Alert functionality

Mobile Device Alert actions were recently introduced as a part of TeamDesk functionality, so let’s review an example illustrating how the mobile device alert works. Let’s consider a case when a user applies for a Day Off request via his/her mobile phone and this request is going to be either approved or declined by an…

Mobile Alert

Translating database UI to your language

Last week we’ve added the method for translating database UI to the language of your choice. The process is quite simple. First, download sample text file and open it in a text editor of your choice, Notepad for example. Below are first few lines from the file: ; Common buttons = New action.view =…

Translating database UI

Mobile Device Alerts are added to mobile actions

Today, we are proud to present new addition to a set of TeamDesk mobile device actions: Mobile Device Alerts. A usual way to communicate with a user who is not actively working with the database is to send e-mail notifications. There are two problems with e-mail notifications: unless set up properly they spam your inbox…

Mobile Device Record Alerts

Copy Master records with Details and Sub-Details

It’s a trivial situation when you need to copy a master record, including details and sub-details. For example, your database stores records of specific products, each product consists of many parts and every part includes many components. In this case you are dealing with 3 level cascade relation. This blog post describes the settings allowing…

Copy Master with Details