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Creating Multi-record documents for price lists and shipments schedule example

If you need to generate a printable products catalog with a price list, you’ll find TeamDesk multi-record document feature really helpful. Creating a printable products list in either MS Word or PDF format is now a quick and easy process. First, mark the products you need from the product catalog. Then press the “Multi-Record Document”…

Call URL Action Improvements

Today we’ve added an ability to supply additional headers and perform POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE HTTP calls to Call URL Action. Action’s setup interface is extended with Method, Headers and Body fields; latter is visible when method selected is POST, PUT or PATCH. Support for more HTTP methods opens the road for the database…


Dynamic WordPress forms powered by TeamDesk database

Millions of business websites and blogs depend on WordPress. If your website is built on WordPress and you need a dynamic form to submit some data, you may utilize TeamDesk online database to power data submission from your website directly into web-database. In your own TeamDesk database application you can generate a web-to-record form and embed it into the…