Generate Related Details in specified date range

It’s obvious that related details can be added to master record one by one. But there can be cases, when a predefined set of details should be added. Moreover, you can know in advance not only the data inserted into these newly created details, but also the number of records that should be generated as…

Generate Details Records

Generate Copies of Master and Copy Master Details

If your online database includes related tables, you may need to copy a Master record and copy master Details listed in the related details views . To simplify this process, the custom buttons with the Navigate actions can be adjusted. Let’s consider the Project Management database, where each project record is related to many Stages…

Copy Maste & Details

Deletion of Master and Details records in your Online Database

Almost each online database comprises reference columns participating in relations. As you already know One-to- Many relation consists of the Master table and the Details table. One Master record can be related to many Details records, while each Detail can be related to one Master only. There are many questions about automatic deletion of Details…

Online Database

What happens when a Single-Reference column is added

The vast majority of online databases deal with related tables, but only the best ones provide an easy and intuitive way to establish tables’ relationship. The easiest way of creating relations between tables is adding a single-reference column. With this approach, each record stored in the first (‘Master’) table can relate to a record stored…

Relations Pattern

Custom Button to streamline Details Creation

Did you know that by using “Navigate action” you can open a new form of a related detail record in just a single click? You just need to create a custom button that includes “Navigate” functionality. Let’s say, you utilized TeamDesk online database to manage a travel agency workflow. Naturally, you would need to add…

Custom Button

Visualizing relationships

Once you have more than one table in your TeamDesk application, the relationships become its core functionality. They allow you to pull and calculate the information from related tables. To display the relationships TeamDesk provides two lists. One, accessible from the left side bar displays all relations in your application. And when you select the…

Automatic Dropdown Reload

Your TeamDesk application already includes dependent drop-downs, such as list of Countries and list of Cities within the Country? We are glad to inform you that since now there is no need to press Refresh button to reload the values in related drop-down – everything is done automatically.

Creating New Record from the Picker

TeamDesk now shows New button in a record picker popup to allow users creating new records during the selection. Of course it is done with respect to access rights: the button appears only if the user is allowed to add new records to a table. New record is automatically selected on save.