NullIf function

We’ve added NullIf function to TeamDesk formula language. NullIf(A, B) does check if A equals to B and evaluates to NULL or to A otherwise. Its primary usage is to simplify the check for divisor equals to zero. Currently to cope with division by zero error we write something line: If(B<>0, A/B, null) TeamDesk evaluates…

View Security Editor

In addition to views’ Manage Access page we have added security settings option right in the view editor. This TeamDesk extension allows to set up access rights while creating new or editing exiting view.

TeamDesk Enterprise Edition

Today we have released TeamDesk Enterprise Edition. What’s new there: Pay-per-user model (unlimited number of applications) Own subdomain under Comply with corporate brand and logo standards Fully manageable user list IP Address Filtering User password policies Interested? Contact us via support[at]

Automatic Dropdown Reload

Your TeamDesk application already includes dependent drop-downs, such as list of Countries and list of Cities within the Country? We are glad to inform you that since now there is no need to press Refresh button to reload the values in related drop-down – everything is done automatically.

Automatic Formula Recalculation

That’s not all for today 🙂 As you may have already noticed, changing the column’s value causes automatic recalculation of all formulas depending on this column. Now there is no need to press Refresh button.

Filter Enhancements

Filter wizard in TeamDesk was enhanced with the number of options: "is / is not one of", "between" and "not between" operators and a number of predefined date options.

Import Improvements

We’ve changed the way we import the data into a table. Import process now scans all the data and validates its format prior to saving the result to the database. If the import doesn’t go through, the system displays the problem description along with the row and the column where the problem occurred. In case…

UI Changes

TeamDesk UI was changed slightly. Before this release tab bar was occupying page width. In case of wide tables, user needed to scroll to select some tabs. Now tab bar takes the width of the browser window, allowing all tabs appear on the screen. Its rendering performance is greatly improved. “Add New” links were moved…

Creating New Record from the Picker

TeamDesk now shows New button in a record picker popup to allow users creating new records during the selection. Of course it is done with respect to access rights: the button appears only if the user is allowed to add new records to a table. New record is automatically selected on save.