With over 28 years of experience in technology and building business applications and working in various businesses, from
Engineering Construction, Oil&Gas & Minning, and Manufacturing.

My experience extends to (Estimating, Accounting, Finance, Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance & Inventory Control)

If you're looking to transform your business process with a solution that works, TeamDesk is the answer.
I have worked with QuickBase, Microsoft Access, and other various platforms I have to say that TeamDesk offers so much more. If you have an MSAccess Database and want to move it to the cloud, please contact me as I have work with Access 97 up to the Current Version.

I have helped many customers convert there QBase Solution to a more cost-effective TeamDesk.

If you are looking to have integrated Dashboards using Microsoft Power BI or if you are wanting to extend the capabilities for Mobile Devices using AppSheet, I can help with that development.

So if you are struggling with your day-to-day operations and wanting to get a real solution without the high hosting cost, then please consider TeamDesk.

You can reach me directly at + 1 587-343-6727 or email me at gary.doucet@outlook.com

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