Philipp Graf von Matuschka

from Donard, Wicklow, Ireland

  • Application Setup
  • Other
Starting Project Rate:$1,000
Hourly Rate:$100

I have approx. 12 years experience setting up and developing Team Desk and dbFlex applications. I specialise in converting the business needs of small and medium sized companies into easy to access, easy to use systems. I love my work.

My business model is focused around you. I reduce customer risk as much as possible, by keeping the initial development cost to an absolute minimum and by allowing the customer to "pay as you go". That way I am both taking the development risk away from the customer and also assuming the risk that if you don't like what I have developed, you can walk away from it at any time.

I speak fluent German and so can provide services for English and German speaking customers.

The starting project rate and the hourly rates above are actually Euro amounts

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