Extra Security

Extra Security includes the following options:

an ability to block user account after some unsuccessful login attempts;

a page to display all accounts’ login-related activities.

To adjust extra security, click on the Security Controls button displayed on the Manage Users page.

As a result, the Security Controls form will be shown.

In the On failed logins section you can activate the Block user accounts after… option and specify the number of unsuccessful login attempts in the correspondent field. If specified unsuccessful login attempts have been done by a user, domain administrators are notified by email and the message is displayed to the user.

The user has an option to unblock an account by resetting the password via Forgot Password link or contact administrators to clarify the situation.

Blocking the account only affects all subsequent attempts to enter login/password pair. Existing sessions remain valid until expired.

If one or more accounts are blocked, the Locked Out section keeping such blocked accounts is visible on the Manage Users page. Also, you can see the Unlock button in this section. This button allows to perform one-click unblock.

Furthermore, there is the Logins button, that displays detailed track of login-related activities and beyond, such as password reset attempts, for a single user account.

When you click on the Logins button, you’ll be redirected to the Login History page displaying the filtered information just for a user.

To review the login history of all users, go to the Manage Users page and click on the Login History button at the list header.

As the result, you can see the detailed track of login-related activities and beyond, such as password reset attempts, for all users.

Moreover, you can use the filters (User/Login, Status and Location) displayed at the top of the list, to find the history data you need.

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