Performance Profiler

Profiler is a tool that simply collects the performance samples from the executed code and does not alter your data or the way system processes it in any way.

To start performance profiler, open dropdown menu with your name in top bar. Here, you’ll see Profiler: Off menu item. Click it to start the profiling. The page will reload, and yellow bar will indicate the profiling is on.

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Now perform actions you want to profile. Navigate to a view or a dashboard where you are facing performance issues: switch tabs, edit records, save, whatever. When done, use either user menu or a link in a yellow bar to stop profiling and examine the results.

You’ll see the results:

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Click Save and share after you are done and share the resulting link with TeamDesk support team or other admins of your database to investigate the issue.

More details about profiler and usage examples you may find and read in TeamDesk blog.

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