TeamDesk provides handy tools to track changes in your database, fix database errors, try experimental features and use integration API. To choose the tool you need, click on the Setup link in the top right corner of the window and select the Database tab. The Tools are listed in the section of the same name.

Each tool helps you to accomplish specific tasks:

All E-mail Notifications tool allows to see all e-mail notifications in one place. As a result, you can view and edit any existing notification and do not need to switch between tabs.

Performance Tips comprise the list of recommendations on how to improve database performance.

Check formulas tool displays formula columns comprising non-existent or problematic elements (for example, deleted columns) causing Error values.

Diff Databases tool allows comparing two databases to find different or similar tables or columns.

TeamDesk may accept emails directly to a database. E-mail to Database tool can be useful if you need to process e-mails data to create new or update existing records automatically.

Webhooks allow you to send real-time data from one application to another whenever a given event occurs.

Integration API enables the interaction between TeamDesk system and other programs.

Audit Log collects info about all changes made in the Setup mode.

Error Log displays the list of errors occurred in your database.

Workflow Action Statistics page allows to review your current workflow action statistics.

Labs tool is a place where experimental or alpha-stage features are published.

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