E-mail Address Columns

E-mail Columns should comprise contact e-mails of your clients, staff, partners etc. Each e-mail is reflected as a link that allows your e-mail program to generate e-mail letters automatically.

If a column comprises the data that don't look or behave the way you want, you may edit column General Properties and the properties defined by the column type.

General Properties:

Email Column General.png

Properties defined by the column type:

E-mail Column.png

E-mail Options

Column Property


Display Text

This property allows a user to specify the text that will be displayed in the table instead of an entered e-mail address.

Display Options

This property allows a user to specify display options for e-mail address data. The following options are possible:

  • Display All – to display the whole e-mail address line, for example: Irene.Smith@yahoo.com;
  • Only Display the User Portion – to display a part of an e-mail address line preceding @ character, for example: Irene.Smith;
  • Only Display the First Part of the User Portion – to display only the first part of the user name, for example: Irene.


When the Help text property is filled in, the question mark is displayed near the field name on the View/Edit form. If you point to this question mark, the pop-up with a tip or a help text message will be shown.

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