Two-Factor Authentication

In the Enterprise edition, you can configure Two-Factor Authentication.

To enable 2FA for the user, the domain administrator privilege should check Enable Two-Factor Authentication box in user’s properties page from Manage Users list. There is also an option to mass-enable or disable 2FA for a set of selected users directly from the list.

Manage Users

Once 2FA is enabled, after completing the login form, we’ll prompt the user to enter 6-digit authorization code.

Authorization code

This code is delivered to the user by email and valid for approximately 3 minutes.

In addition, TeamDesk Mobile Client app now provides code-less one-click option to confirm the login using biometric authentication or device’s pin code.

Moreover, the user can set up her favorite authenticator app to get the code. Instructions are found at the bottom user’s personal preferences page.

Using TeamDesk Mobile Client app to confirm login

TeamDesk Mobile Client app v1.5.6 supports code-less one-click login confirmation. The user should just click on the login confirmation notification and confirm the login using device’s biometric authentication or pin code.

Confirming login

Using third-party authenticators for two-factor authentication

As codes are generated using industry standard TOTP algorithm you can use any compliant authenticator.

Instruction for pairing with authenticator app will appear at the bottom of user’s personal preferences page.

Two-Factor Authentication