Invoicing with Client Portal Database

This preconfigured web-based database provides your team with a centralized environment for effective invoices creation and management, payments control and invoices delivery via e-mail.
Clients have access to their invoices and balance information through the Client Portal.

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Send, track and collect payments quickly.

Workflow diagram

The system allows to:

  • Easily create and manage invoices
  • Send invoices by e-mail
  • Client can view own invoices and balance through Client Portal.
  • Control Payments
  • Application is completely customizable - you may add an unlimited number of custom fields and related tables
  • Configure Record Change Notifications
  • Configure Reminders
  • Colorize Invoices depending on their due date or other factors
  • Create Calendars, Timelines and Charts
  • Create Summary Reports



  1. Workflow


Working with Invoice
Working with Invoice
Client Portal: Invoices
Client Portal: Invoices
Client Portal: Invoice Preview
Client Portal: Invoice Preview
Client Portal: Balance
Client Portal: Balance
Client Portal: Preferences
Client Portal: Preferences

To help you make the system work for your needs, we have developed the following service program:

  • Discuss your needs with our staff.
  • We'll determine and confirm the workflow logic of your database.
  • We'll create a ready-to-use database to fit your exact business model.
  • You'll get a solution designed especially for your needs.

Any support materials, such as spreadsheets and real-life work samples would be very helpful as they would help us better understand your business process.

We offer free system configuration assistance (up to 4 hours of consulting work). If you decide that our database is not exactly what you need - you owe nothing.

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