Case Study: RAM Universal

Until now I worked on the local computer by sending lists to my offices world wide, and this system developed made things easy to work real-time from all my offices.

As a multinational establishment with its head offices in USA, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Russia and the UAE, specializing in Animation, Entertainment and Staff placements, we had to find a solution how to organize business information exchange between the offices in a controlled manner and provide Applicants CVs to Hotels from anywhere in the world.

The main task was to simplify Excel sheet work procedures, that's why I tried web-based software. All problems I encountered between interaction between cells and sheets were solved perfectly by TeamDesk application.

All applicants' CVs, vacancies and employers' profiles are collected in one centralized TeamDesk database. It prevents duplicates entering and keeps better data accuracy. Each Hotel can select applicants directly in the application. Moreover it is possible to distinguish fired applicants, who should not be recommended to the position again. As president of the company I can easily define the level of user access in order to control what users can view or do with the database data.

The main benefit of using your application was to save loads of time.
It works great and all problems were addressed and managed by a very professional support personal.

Jimmy Irani, President

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