Case Study: Hawkins Foss LLP

TeamDesk let's me sleep at night. I like the ease of customizing the database the most. I get an idea and I can implement it in minutes. I quickly got TeamDesk to do what I needed.

I run a small accountancy practice in the UK. I use TeamDesk to manage data about our clients, jobs and time spent by staff. We use its mail merge capability to produce letters and checklist. We use it's workflow functions to send ourselves alerts and automate communication to clients. I have found the support very good.

Decided to switch to TeamDesk because I quickly realized that for me it was better to have a database that could be customized to my business rather than trying to fit my business to standard accountancy practice CRM software. I tried to do this myself previously with MS Access but could not achieve what I wanted. TeamDesk made it easier.

Tony Hawkins, Owner

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