Case Study: Allauto

Innovative, Powerful and Simple. If you're familiar with nothing more than the user's side of a database then TeamDesk gives you the power to create your own vision. Understanding programming language(s) is not a requirement.

The development console makes learning to use TeamDesk simple. It is scalable, secure and easily deployable across user platforms. The customer support is second to none! The team is very quick to respond, solidly committed to providing a robust and secure product and very effective in problem-solving with lots of guiding advice to make development and innovation work smooth. They have never let me down and always go above and beyond the call. They are always listening to their user base for new ideas and feedback and are constantly updating, evolving and innovating. We looked at a number of options and even tried a few others before settling with TD but none were as easy to get up and running to start or as easy to learn and develop.
I have used TD for 10 years now and the constant innovation loop built into their user feedback has mitigated most shortcomings before I realized there was something missing.

Calvin Peters

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