Case Investigation Tracker

The "Case Investigation Tracking" database is a comprehensive system designed to manage and track detailed information related to investigative cases handled by an agency or organization. This database supports effective case management, ensuring that all pertinent details from case inception to resolution are meticulously documented and easily accessible for investigative purposes.
Case Investigation Tracker Database Illustration


The "Cases" table is central to the database, capturing extensive information about each investigative case. It includes fields such as Case ID, type of case, dates relevant to case progression (received, due, trial hearing), status updates, details of involved individuals (detective, client, aliases), addresses, personal information (SSN, date of birth), legal aspects (marital status, lawyer details), case-specific data (budget, purpose, alleged injury), and billing details (hours billed, expenses). This table provides a holistic view of each case, facilitating thorough investigation and management.

The "Clients" table stores detailed information about clients involved in the cases. It includes client IDs, names, contact information (email, address, phones), legal representation details (lawyer name, lawyer contact), and administrative data (record ownership, creation and modification dates). This table supports efficient communication and client management throughout the investigation process.

The "Detectives" table maintains records of detectives assigned to handle investigative cases. It includes detective IDs, licensing information, contact details (address, phone), hourly rates for detective work and travel, specialties, and administrative fields (record ownership, creation, and modification dates). This table facilitates the assignment of detectives based on their expertise and availability, ensuring appropriate handling of each case.

The "Times" table tracks time-related details for each case, including hours worked by detectives and travel time. It includes fields such as Time ID, Case ID, detective, and client involvement, billing details (hourly rates, amounts billed), and internal notes. This table is essential for monitoring investigative efforts, calculating costs, and ensuring accurate billing for services rendered.

The "Expenses" table records financial transactions related to investigative cases. It includes expense IDs, associated Time IDs, expense types, descriptions, quantities, amounts, client and case affiliations, refundability status, and administrative details (record ownership, creation and modification dates). This table provides transparency in financial dealings and supports budget management throughout the investigative process.

The "Documents & Notes" table stores electronic files and textual notes relevant to cases. It includes fields such as client and case IDs, file attachments, notes, and administrative details (record ownership, creation, and modification dates). This table serves as a repository for documentation critical to case investigation, ensuring that all relevant information is securely stored and easily retrievable.

By utilizing the "Case Investigation Tracking" database, agencies can streamline their investigative processes, enhance case management efficiency, maintain comprehensive records, and ensure transparency in client interactions and financial transactions. This structured approach supports investigative teams in delivering thorough, well-documented outcomes for each case they handle.

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