Doctors Practice

The "Doctors Practice" database is a system designed to manage patient and staff information in a medical practice.
Doctors Practice Database Illustration


The "Patients" table stores basic patient information such as NHS number, gender, date of birth, address, height, weight, and other details. It also includes a checkbox for indicating if a patient is co-managed with another practitioner.

The "Appointments" table tracks appointment details including status code, start and end date/time, and any relevant appointment notes. It also includes references to the corresponding patient and staff members.

The "Patient Records" table contains specific patient information such as component code, date of update, and details of the patient record component. This table also includes a reference to the staff member who updated the record.

The "Staff Patient Associations" table stores information about the association between staff members and patients. This includes the start and end dates of the association, as well as any relevant details.

Finally, the "Staff" table stores information about medical staff including category, gender, role, qualifications, date of birth, photo, and other details. It also includes first, middle, and last name fields.

To help you make the system work for your needs, we have developed the following service program:

  • Discuss your needs with our staff.
  • We’ll determine and confirm the workflow logic of your database.
  • We’ll create a ready-to-use database to fit your exact business model.
  • You’ll get a solution designed especially for your needs.

Any support materials, such as spreadsheets and real-life work samples would be very helpful as they would help us better understand your business process.

We offer free system configuration assistance
(up to 4 hours of consulting work).

If you decide that our database is not exactly what you need - you owe nothing.
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