Thank you for considering me. I'm Rick Cogley, CEO and co-founder of eSolia Inc., based in central Tokyo, Japan.

We have extensive real-world experience running projects for TeamDesk (and its PaaS sister "dbFLEX") and other enterprise applications, to determine business requirements, develop and deploy software, integrate between sites and systems, and perform ongoing maintenance in a stable and responsive manner.

Tell Us What You Need

We're confident we can exceed your requirements. Do any of these examples we have developed, sound like what you need?

  • ISO Management System application
  • Daily quiz sender application
  • Medical Test Order Entry application
  • Fax Send Tracker (Japan still hangs on to fax!)
  • e-Signature Request application
  • Encrypted Text Sender application
  • Contact and Company or Organization Tracking application
  • Sales Opportunities and Deals Pipeline (CRM) application
  • Deliverable File Upload Notification application
  • Sales Rep Daily Activity Log application
  • Website Inquiry Handling application
  • Trouble Ticket / Helpdesk application
  • Real Estate Property Tracker application
  • Email-to-log application
  • Simple News Emailer application
  • Marketing Service Definition application
  • Management Dashboard application
  • Data Display on external website

So, TeamDesk is flexible.

We think TeamDesk (and by association dbFLEX) is the most flexible application for any simple operational database needs, and that the possibilities are almost endless.

How about Industries?

We deploy apps for a wide range of industry segments, including healthcare, finance, banking, real estate, IT, staffing, PR, manufacturing, logistics. Indeed there are some edge case systems that require a different approach, but for most daily operational databases in most industries, TeamDesk is perfect.

What about integration?

Yes, that's not a problem. We have integrated many systems, and know how to do it. For example:

  • Allow electronic signing of a PDF attachment
  • Email to trouble ticket
  • Extract email attachments and upload to Amazon S3 "bucket"
  • Allow a CSV of data to be downloaded by an inventory system
  • Upload a CSV from an external website into a Teamdesk table
  • Show data from Teamdesk on an external website
  • Pull map information into the database
  • Get weather for a given geographical location

And so on.

Born in Asia, eSolia Does Language(s)

The professionals I hire at eSolia are all multi-lingual and multi-cultural. We have developed apps with interfaces in:

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Korean

We understand the challenges of a multi-lingual, multi-cultural environment, and can configure Teamdesk to get a satisfactory result for users across the Asia Pacific region, or of course for English speakers anywhere.

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