Waters Web Works is a small technology-to-process consulting and development team. By small we mean a husband and wife with over 50 years of programming and process experience between us. We work with a select group of clients, ensuring we are able to personally serve the needs of each of them.

Benefit from our experience and start improving your business.
Cooper started programming Mainframe computers in the mid-80’s and has developed many systems in many computer languages and databases since then. Kelly has been turning time-intensive, fragmented processes into streamlined, seamless teamwork between staff and new generation technologies since the early 90’s. We began working with TeamDesk in 2008 and it has become our platform of choice for developing custom data applications.

We have successfully utilized TeamDesk with corporate websites and email systems to make integrated data applications that will remove margin for error. If you have data that needs to be shared or provided to your clients, we automate the process with html5 and pdf data exports to make it easy for you, your staff, and your clients.

Multiple Systems, Multiple Record Entry, Multiple Staff Training, Multiple Expenses

Companies need to track things; Clients and Marketing, Staff and Payroll, Equipment and Supplies, Products and Services, and more. There are many programs available; Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Salesforce, ADP, OrangeHRM, Kronos, Fishbowl, Oracle, SAP, Excel Spreadsheets, on and on and on. Each of these systems require extensive setup and training but fail to offer much in the way of customization or integration, forcing you to purchase add-ons or even completely separate programs. Then you have different staff trained to different systems, and duplicate (or more!) entry to keep basic information up to date in each different system.

The end result? Wasted staff hours that could be used serving your clients or bringing in new ones.

One System, One Record Entry, One Staff Training, One Payment!

We improve the workflow of seasoned companies by consolidating corporate knowledge scattered across multiple platforms. Those spreadsheets built 10 years ago (usually by a person long-escaped from any retribution), post-it notes attached to computer monitors, contact lists on paper... We can consolidate multiple platforms into one system that integrates with your company's workflow.

Newer companies can avoid the multiple-platform trap before it gets out of hand. A purposefully designed data application is the key to your success. Don’t waste your time, energy, and money fighting spreadsheets, notebooks and software designed for other companies. Get the exact solution you need, designed for your unique business.

From basic tracking to full business management; We create systems that will grow with your success.

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