Our company found itself spending precious time entering information in what was at times duplicate Excel or Word files. This led to substantial inefficiencies, higher likelihood of mistakes than ideal, and duplicate, time-consuming revisions.

Our response time (both to clients and internally) changed drastically once we implemented TeamDesk, approximately 1 year ago. It’s hard to imagine how we got anything done before TeamDesk!

Following are some highlights of our experience with TeamDesk and Jorge Solá as developer:

  • Jorge was involved from day 1 in the architecture/design stage, working with our team to identify the most pressing needs and design the architecture and process pipeline that could be 1) most efficient 2) most user-friendly 3) eliminate repetitive work 4) automate what could be automated 5) allow for simple revisions by supervisor.
  • Extremely user-friendly application, including for employees that are not digitally savvy (which translates into very fast training and few questions asked along the line by team).
  • Convenient mobile display (apart from computer display).
  • Extremely fast response time to queries, requests for assistance and requests for adjustments from Interpreting Colombia’s team.
  • Staged development: It has been great to be able to develop various uses and processes stage by stage, as they were ready or as the need arose. Ex: We started with a quotation system and client registry only, and then, over that structure, layers were added on for invoicing, a supplier database, financial reports and bar charts, internal approval system, internal alert system, automated emails for suppliers and clients, data sheets and service/purchase orders. We plan to continue this process, through collaboration with Jorge, to allow for continuous improvement, greater efficiency, and a more streamlined operation as needs arise.
  • Jorge speaks/reads/writes English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, which can facilitate communications when working with international/multilingual teams such as ours.
  • Jorge has demonstrated that he is willing and able to test several possible designs in order to finally implement the one that is the best fit for our company’s needs.
Teresa Solá Molina
Executive Director
Teresa Solá Molina