Datafy is a berlin-based tech company exclusively specialized on Teamdesk database development, providing high-quality services with a strongly solution-oriented and creative mindset.

What we offer

  • Development of your teamdesk database from sketch
  • Analysis and automation of all your business processes (e.g. order management, bookkeeping, human resources, financials etc.)
  • Connect your teamdesk database to any other service (e.g. bank accounts, file management services, salesforce etc.) using APIs
  • Professional training for your employees
  • Any kind of custom development

Past projects

We spent over 10,000 hours on teamdesk projects and we are happy to share some of our past projects with you:

Project 1: Payments database

Our client, a retailer, run a teamdesk database in order to manage orders. However, order management was not connected to our clients bank accounts. Therefore, incoming payments had to be assigned manually to orders. Also, outgoing payments (e.g. refunds) had to be transferred manually by the bookkeeping departement. Therefore, we were hired to automate those processes:

  1. Pull transactions from bank accounts and paypal account on hourly basis
  2. Import transactions to Teamdesk database, extract information (e.g. order number) and assign transaction to respective order
  3. Connect database to bank in order to transfer money right from teamdesk, including state of the art security procedure
  4. Assemble financial statements on monthly basis and send to bookkeeping departement
  5. Allow employees to request cost reimbursements, including approval process

Project 2: Order management database

Our client is an insurance firm handling several thousand cases each year. The task was to digitalize management of those cases in all aspects. This included:

  1. Reducing workload per claim from several hours to a few minutes
  2. Automate document creation (e.g. consulting documentation, contracts etc.)
  3. Automate communication with clients and opponents
  4. Automatically trigger payments once the case has been successful
  5. Implement approval procedures
  6. Connect Teamdesk database with existing file management

How we work

  1. We will ask you to provide specific information about your project
  2. Based on your briefing, we will analyze your requirements and propose possible approaches to implement your project
  3. Kick off and implementation
  4. Quality assurance

We work on hourly basis only.

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