LunaDB specialize on Teamdesk database development and integration. We focuses on highest quality service to provide unique solution for you.

LunaDB offer monthly subscription for you to easily maintain your database.

This include...

  • Fixing minor error/bug in your database
  • Any minor changes

Price may vary depending on the size of your database

Want to find out what we can do?

1. All of teamdesk functions
2. API setup with other services eg: mailchimp, shopify, paypal, xero, google and more...
3. Invoicing, mailing and lots of other systems.

  • LunaDB is always open to expand functions thus we offer free first consultation to hear out your idea.
  • Simply send us email with your ideas and issues!

You must include the Date, Time and your region in the email

Flexible Time

  • LunaDB provide flexible time for meeting when requested.


  • LunaDB provide personal training session via screen share or create simple manual for you.

Issue Table (Recommended)

To provide quality service, LunaDB utilizes table tool to be added in your database for 2 purposes.

1. To track any changes made on your database

  • You can track When, Where, What and Who made changes in your database because we don't want you to pay blindly.
    For example, Any tasks you assign it to LunaDB, all work done will be recorded under the task for you to check.

2. per minute billing

  • Perfect fit for small issue!
  • Tracking all changes and calculating time spent on each step allows us to provide you with per minute billing!

All currency is in USD.

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