We are a New Zealand based team specialising in streamlining the way small to medium business work.

Why Bridge Point?

  • We've been using TeamDesk internally for over a decade
  • We have delivered everything from small databases to global scale apps
  • We do cool stuff with TeamDesk (full email integration on your own domain, stripe, API connections, webforms that don't suck)
  • We are unique in that we routinely build "glue" software for areas that TeamDesk doesn't cover
  • Our business depends on the platform; we're total fans.

Some of our past projects include:

  • CRM with email integration - auto attachment to customers, inbound and outbound and on domain
  • Outlook and Google integrations
  • Voucher systems - PDF generation of vouchers with emailing
  • ERP - CRM with accounts receiveable and payable
  • Case Management and ticketing
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Portfolio Trackers
  • Gym Management
  • Lead Generation and management systems
  • Document Generation systems

If you're stuck with a tricky requirement or need a reliable seasoned team to take over your growing database. Get in touch!

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