I specialize on studying, traducing and turning business needs into highly effective Teamdesk Applications, using methods that let customers to track the progress of their custom works, to confirm understanding of the requirements and ensure that the proposed solution is consistent with business expectations.

I have experience working on different types of business processes (Logistics, CRM Sales & Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Insurance, Political Campaigns, Custom Applications...). No matter what is your type of business... I adapt to your needs and support you to enable on an effective and practical way your information. Just, let me know your requirements and I design for you an schedule with the appropriates "steps to follow", time & cost of implementation.

Also, I study:

  • Communication with other softwares through B2B Interfaces
  • Integration with your website using API Programming
  • Users roles
  • Training & Couching
  • After-sales service to support you on the way.

English & Español

Feel free to contact me anytime - Siéntase libre de contactarme en cualquier momento

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