Generated Details set for a new Master record

This template can help you generate a default set of related Details when a new Master record is added. It demonstrates the example of the adjustment that you can reproduce in your database.
Generated Details set for a new Master record Database Illustration


The Projects table serves as the master table, capturing high-level information about each project. It includes details such as the project ID, name, vessel type, date, and status. This table also contains a recordset column linking to the related equipment and vessel types. The Projects table is essential for overseeing all projects and maintaining a structured overview of project specifics.

The Project Items details table captures detailed information related to each project. This includes equipment names, default sets (equipment and vessel type combinations), vessel types, and project names. It also tracks whether items have been checked and includes lookup columns for related project and vessel type IDs. This table is crucial for managing the specifics of each project and ensuring that all necessary equipment and vessel types are properly documented.

The Vessel Types table maintains records of different vessel types, including their names, associated equipment, and other relevant details. This table helps categorize and manage the various vessel types involved in projects, ensuring that each type is properly accounted for and linked to the appropriate equipment.

The Equipment table records detailed information about the equipment used in projects. It includes the name and unique ID of each piece of equipment. This table is essential for keeping track of all equipment assets, ensuring that they are correctly assigned and available for use in different projects.

The Default Sets table captures the default combinations of equipment and vessel types. It includes details such as equipment name, vessel type name, and associated IDs. This table is important for maintaining predefined sets of equipment and vessel types, streamlining the process of assigning these combinations to projects.

Overall, the "Generated Details Set for a New Master Record" database provides a structured and detailed approach to managing projects involving vessels and equipment. It ensures efficient project oversight, resource allocation, and record-keeping, supporting effective project management and execution.

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