Medical Analysis Laboratory

The "Medical Analysis Laboratory" database is designed to manage the operations of a laboratory that performs medical analyses for clients and processes samples.
Medical Analysis Laboratory Database Illustration


Clients: This table stores information about the clients who submit samples for analysis. It includes fields such as client name, insurance number, gender, date of birth, company address, site address, reference number, and additional details. Each client record also tracks administrative details like record ownership and modification history, providing a comprehensive view of client information crucial for managing client relationships and ensuring accurate billing and reporting.

Samples: This table records details about the samples received by the laboratory for analysis. Fields include sample ID, client name (linked to the Clients table), sampling date, staff member who collected the sample, date the sample was received by the lab, condition of the sample upon receipt, sample type, specific analysis requested, number of samples received, and any additional relevant details. This table helps in tracking the lifecycle of each sample from collection to analysis, ensuring proper handling and processing.

Analyses & Samples: This junction table facilitates the many-to-many relationship between analysis types and samples. It links specific samples with the types of analyses performed on them. Fields include client name, analysis type name, sample ID, cost associated with the analysis, and results obtained. This structure allows for detailed tracking of which analyses were performed on which samples, ensuring accurate reporting and billing based on the services provided.

Analysis Types: This table lists the various types of analyses offered by the laboratory. It includes fields such as analysis type ID, name of the analysis, and associated cost. This table serves as a reference for the types of medical analyses available and their respective costs, aiding in standardized reporting and pricing.

Staff: This table stores information about the laboratory staff involved in sample collection, analysis, and other operational roles. Fields include staff category, gender, full name, qualifications, birth date, and additional details. Each staff member's record also tracks ownership and modification history, supporting personnel management and ensuring that qualified staff are assigned appropriate responsibilities.

In summary, the "Medical Analysis Laboratory" database supports the efficient management of client information, sample processing, analysis types, and laboratory staff. By maintaining structured data on clients, samples, analyses, and personnel, the database enables accurate tracking of laboratory operations, ensuring quality service delivery and compliance with regulatory standards in medical analysis.

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