Example: Multi-Record Document

If you need to generate a printable products catalog / price list / work time calculation, you may consider multi-record document examples provided in this database template.
Example: Multi-Record Document Database Illustration


The "Plice List" table stores data pertaining to products or items that are part of a catalog or inventory. It includes columns such as code for unique identification, product name, type categorization, style, size, color, price, and standard metadata fields like record ownership, creator information, and timestamps for creation and modification. This table is structured to maintain detailed records of each item, facilitating easy access to specific product details and supporting operations such as querying, updating, and reporting on inventory items.

The "Time Calculation" table is focused on tracking time-related data, particularly for tasks or activities within a workflow or project management context. It captures information such as task name, start and stop times, duration in various formats (e.g., hours, minutes), along with standard metadata fields for record management. This table enables accurate tracking and analysis of task durations, facilitating insights into productivity, resource allocation, and project scheduling.

Together, these tables form a cohesive database structure designed to handle diverse types of structured data. The "Plice List" table manages product information with a focus on inventory management and cataloging, while the "Time Calculation" table provides tools for tracking and analyzing time-related metrics essential for effective project and task management. This setup supports businesses and organizations in maintaining detailed records, optimizing operations, and making informed decisions based on comprehensive data insights.

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