Example: Multi-Reference Contains Single-Reference

This example demonstrates a match condition with the Contains option allowing to match a multi-reference column and a single-reference column in Many-to-One relation. It includes tables that facilitate efficient tracking and collaboration among team members on various projects.
Example: Multi-Reference Contains Single-Reference Database Illustration


The "Tasks" table centralizes information related to specific tasks within the organization. It includes columns such as Task Id for unique identification, Assigned To Team Member Name for the team member responsible, Project Name for the project associated with the task (referenced as a single entity), and metadata fields like record ownership, creator details, and timestamps for tracking modifications. This table enables effective task management by linking tasks to their respective projects and team members, ensuring clarity on responsibilities and project contexts.

The "Team Members" table stores details about individual team members involved in the organization's projects. It includes columns like Name to identify team members uniquely, along with standard metadata fields for managing records. Additionally, it may include a multi-reference column (Projects Multi-Reference) to indicate the projects each team member is involved in, facilitating efficient assignment, collaboration, and tracking of responsibilities across multiple projects.

The "Projects" table maintains information about the various projects undertaken by the organization. It includes columns such as Project Name for unique identification, along with standard metadata fields for record management. This table serves as a repository for project details, providing a clear overview of ongoing initiatives and their statuses.

The "Team Members & Projects" table establishes the many-to-many relationship between team members and projects. It includes columns like Team Member and Project to denote the associations between team members and the projects they participate in. This table enables efficient querying and reporting on team assignments, project involvements, and overall project management.

Together, these tables form a relational database structure designed to streamline project and task management processes within the organization. By capturing and organizing data on tasks, team members, and projects, the database supports effective coordination, collaboration, and decision-making across various projects and team activities.

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