Example: Periodic Product Movement on Stock

The "Example: Periodic Product Movement on Stock" database is designed to efficiently track and manage the periodic movements of products within a stock system. This includes monitoring both incoming and outgoing quantities of products, their expiry dates, and overall stock levels. The database ensures that product movements are accurately recorded and stock levels are effectively managed, reducing waste and improving inventory control.
Example: Periodic Product Movement on Stock Database Illustration


The Movements table is central to tracking all instances of product movements, both incoming and outgoing. This table records essential details such as the product involved, the quantity moved, the nature of the movement (expense or income), and relevant dates (production and expiry). It helps in maintaining a detailed log of how and when products are moved within the inventory, facilitating accurate stock management and audit trails.

The Products table maintains comprehensive information about each product in the inventory. It includes details about the product's name, expiry date, and stock levels across different categories (such as available stock and expired stock). This table provides a complete overview of the products, allowing for effective tracking of inventory levels, planning for restocking, and ensuring that expired products are appropriately managed.

Overall, this database system plays a crucial role in maintaining accurate stock records, ensuring product availability, and minimizing losses due to expired products.

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