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Click on the videos below and we'll walk you through the simple process of building database.

Starting a new database

This video covers starting a new database and creating the first table.

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Text column

The text column is the most used data column in any database. Learn the details of how to setup and use the text column.

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Multi-line Text column

Multi-Line Text columns are used to store large blocks of texts. Some databases call them memo fields.

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Numeric column

Numeric Columns are used when you need to perform math functions. We cover the 4 types of number columns and discuss when to use them.

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Checkbox column

Check boxes are used for yes/no type answers.

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Phone, E-mail and URL column

These are specialized pre formatted text columns that make it easier to use these common type of columns.

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User column

User columns allow easy assignment of the logged in TeamDesk user.

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File Attachment column

File columns allow documents and other files to be stored in your database.

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Import Excel to New Table

We show how to import a spreadsheet to a live database. The is very useful for populating multiple records at one time.

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Build a Database from Scratch

In TeamDesk you can create an online database for your specific business needs from scratch in a fast and easy way, requiring zero technical knowledge.

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Move Excel to Web Database

In this video tutorial, we will show you how to move your Excel spreadsheets into web-based database using the TeamDesk online database system.

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Reference Column Creation

The reference columns are a simple way to create relations between tables. They optimize database structure, simplify data entering process and help to avoid mistakes, because you can select already entered data.

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Form Behavior

When data entry form appearance depends on data entered in a certain field or a user who view/edit a form, the Form Behavior can be helpful. As a result, some fields can be visible, hidden, readonly or required. This video demonstrates the Form Behavior adjustment.

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Intermediate Video Tutorials

HTML/CSS Bare Minimum

In this video we try to give everyone just enough HTML/CSS to be able to use the form and dashboard text sections with a bit more flash.

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Advanced Video Tutorials

dbstyles.css Part 1: Customizing the User Interface

How to customize the TeamDesk user interface using the dbstyles.css file. This will allow you to change how TeamDesk appears to your users.

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dbstyles.css Part 2: Customizing with Stylish or Similar

How to use the stylish extension or another similar browser extension to easily test TeamDesk style before updating the dbstyles.css file.

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