When Google announced they plan to release the new browser, our first thought was: what’s the hell! Another browser, more compatibility problems. Luckily for us and our users, Google Chrome is based on the WebKit, the engine behind Safari we support from very beginning.

Used to TeamDesk? Here is the screenshot from Google Chrome. Find ten differences 🙂


Another big player, Microsoft, also released new beta version of Internet Explorer 8 last month. They promise it will be super-standard compatible, faster and stable. Unfortunately, the page successfully rendered by all up-to-date browsers including IE7, does not render properly with IE8 as it draws one tab per line in “standards mode”. It looks like it is the only problem though, and we’ll apply all of our skills to find out who’s fault is it.

If you are wondering whether TeamDesk is ready for web standards, the answer is “yes”.