Utilizing TeamDesk functionality in a real life, you may find surprisingly new ways of problem solving.

Can’t help but share the story of James Ross, a mobile computer support company owner. James wanted to replace his local billing system as he needed to generate invoices remotely. He wanted the data to be reflected in the TeamDesk in a real time from any location (either the central office or a remote client).

Technicians were using batch files to form specially crafted email invoice requests that were sent to James’ server using a portable Thunderbird email client from a desktop computer while online but it was not always a case.  While off-line, the request lied pending in the email’s client outbox folder until connected. Such a solution worked, but James needed to access the data and handle the documentation in a real time.

Moreover, such an approach required a hand-made server software to scan and parse the requests, and that software was not always working as expected, requiring periodic intervention.

As James described the situation, our Support guys suggested handling this problem with a help of PDA as long as all techs were equipped with it. TeamDesk’s web-to-record feature allowed building an HTML form placed on a PDA that submits the data directly to the TeamDesk without a need of a desktop computer and wacky server software.  An ideal solution was found!

Submitted data becomes immediately available to the office staff for analysis and further processing.  This robust functionality reduced paper handling cycle and enhanced billing procedures, so James didn’t have to double handle the information anymore.

It was yet another case when a unique TeamDesk flexibility helped to significantly improve service mobility and workflow automation. Even more important, this showed that sometimes a real-life application scenario helps to discover new and proactive ways of using TeamDesk.