Ex-DabbleDB customers continue their migration and keep evaluating web-database alternatives. We are pleased that over 30 former DabbleDB customers have contacted TeamDesk support last week to discuss migration opportunities. This number was provided by our support team, so this statistics doesn't take into account all the trial applications opened by DabbleDB customers. We noticed that even though each customer comes with his/her own specific set of requirements and expectations for a new database application, all of them are still looking for a web-based database system and nobody wants to go back to an on-premise software.

Of course, the migration process is not always as smooth as expected, but we try our best to settle all the issues and suggest the best solution to each particular task. At the moment, there are already 9 out of 30 ex-DabbleDB clients from those who contacted TeamDesk during last week, who have already subscribed to TeamDesk and finished their migration successfully.

We are glad that online database advantages, such as anytime, anywhere access to the system, automatic upgrades, no capital outlay and rapid deployment are still outweigh a frustration caused by some vendors' instability. It looks like customers who tried a good web-based database once, would never look back. It is still important to choose a right vendor. Going with TeamDesk, former Dabble customers won't have to migrate ever again. ForeSoft stability ensures that.

If you’re still looking for a new Home for your DabbleDB database, check out TeamDesk http://www.teamdesk.net/dabbledb.html