At the present time more and more corporations turn to the hosted service model for its well-known advantages, however this move raises lots of the data security and availability concerns. Larger companies usually have a very strict data protection policy, so the hosted service vendors have to satisfy each and every concern to convince potential customers that it is completely safe and secure to host their mission-critical data remotely. The typical concerns are:

  • Platforms are hosted therefore the company is reliant on the program to deliver availability and appropriate backup solutions;
  • There are many established companies delivering packaged solutions;
  • Entrusting the vendor with your company’s data;
  • Would the vendor view the application as a critical part of customers business?

Such concerns are totally understandable as they are critical for companies’ business continuity, and Business Systems (UK) Ltd, one of our customers were not an exception. We really appreciate the trust this company has put in us and we are glad we’ve met the expectations. As Scott Miller, Technical Services Head, points out:

"I managed to answer these questions by an extended trial. I am happy to say that the responses to the above points were all answered very positively".

TeamDesk platform flexibility allows generating applications to handle many different business aspects, and we always feel happy and proud when our systems exceed customer expectations:

"As an example, not only have we replaced our Service Management Package, all company expenses are now completed via TeamDesk and integrated into the associated Project and Support Case Costs".