To save your time and facilitate your effort on data processing, TeamDesk is enhanced with the import/export features. Pretty standard solution for an application of this type, one may say. Yet, TeamDesk uses these features to solve a variety of tasks and helps to lighten your work appreciably.

The most amazing about importing data with TeamDesk is that there’s no need to spend hours and set some specific format for the info you need to import. If you are not sure about the correct data format, it is possible to import information as simple text and change it to the required type later on. Being very flexible, the system also allows you to create new columns during import – say if your TeamDesk table has just a couple of fields, you can extend the application table by simply importing a file with the necessary columns.

If you already tried to import anything with TeamDesk, you couldn’t but notice that the whole process takes just a couple of mouse clicks: you just need to mark whether the first row in your file contains column names or not. The rest is done by the system: it analyzes data and matches the table columns with imported fields. If you import dates or numerals, even your local regional settings will be applied to the TeamDesk table.

Another great advantage is the ability to update your table contents by importing a file. The solution is based on a key column that is actually a table field used to identify records in the table (a good example of a key column is the ID field).

In brief, it works in the following way:

  • Firstly, you perform the import of initial data into the TeamDesk application (at this stage you simply fill out your table with data).
  • When there arises a need to change some information in the table, it is not necessary to perform any actions online. Export the table data into a file and modify it on your computer.
  • After this you may import the file once again: the system will compare the file and application data basing on the key column. Records with the same data in the key field will be considered one and the same record, and info in the online table will be overwritten by imported details. In case there is no match in the TeamDesk table, the system will import file records as new ones.