SaaS solutions are the key trend in IT sphere. Many of the modern cloud-based applications are so intuitive that they don’t even require any special technical knowledge, therefore a new type of users has appeared. These users are well-known as citizen developers. They are pretty technology-literated, so creation of a new business solution and sharing it with others is not a big challenge for them anymore.

If citizen developers are looking for an online database software, there are many platforms to choose from, however not many of them are as well designed, flexible and intuitive as TeamDesk.

Here are some important recommendations that should be followed by citizen developers, who opened TeamDesk free trial and try to build a web-database on their own.

Structure is a key point

TeamDesk support team often works with questions related to database creation, so we always recommend to start with a correct structure for your database. Unfortunately, some citizen developers are eager to adjust user access or produce reports even before the database structure is finalized. This makes database creation process more difficult and may require corrections.

What the database structure is and why is it so important to finalize it before configuring user access level or setting up other database objects like triggers, notifications, documents etc.?

Under the “database structure” we mean tables and relations between tables. No need to remind you that each table is a data set, consisting of columns and rows. At the beginning of the database creation, the main task is to define the tables you need and the key columns for these tables, such as Customer ID column in the Contacts table or the Order Registered Number column in the Orders table. These columns are needed to relate tables correctly. So, first of all, you should create a correct database structure: tables, columns and relations.

Sample Data

When a citizen developer can build a database structure on his/her own – it’s great. To simplify database creation process we recommend to start with the import of CSV files or excel spreadsheets. In case if it’s not clear how to create an optimal data structure, a citizen developer should contact support team or discuss his/her business solution with experts. If a citizen developer can provide a detailed database description – it’s very useful, especially when all business process stages requiring a database usage are listed. Attaching working materials, such as spreadsheets with sample data or documents are advisable as they help to define column types and formulas quickly and easily.

Make further adjustment

When the database structure is built, you can configure database objects like views, documents, triggers, notifications, as well as another functionality. On this stage citizen developers may also contact support specialists to receive some recommendations or instructions.

Adjust user access and share the database

Finally, user access must be adjusted. It should be done at the end, when the database is already created, so access to the database objects may be configured properly. Please don’t forget that custom roles should be created first and then a role-based access should be adjusted. When everything is done, you can invite users to your newly-created database solution, check how it works and make some improvements if needed.

An online database creation is a fast, easy and exciting process when citizen developers follow these basic steps.