Multi-line text columns are frequently used in TeamDesk online databases to keep plain text data like comments, notes or address details. You may want to outline some text elements like headings, paragraphs, lists or emphasized words to make them more readable and noticeable, and that’s what Markup can be used for. Markup allows you to insert special symbols at certain places in a text to indicate how this text should look when it is printed or displayed to a user.

In TeamDesk you can enable Markup in the multi-line text column settings.


When the markup option is activated, the “markup toolbar” appears on the “edit” form.


Some examples of markup usage are described below:


There are three predefined header options displayed in Markup toolbar: H1, H2 and H3. To format the header, simply highlight it and choose a header type, for example, press “H3” header button.

Markup Output



Enclose the words you need in underscores or asterisks to show emphasis.

Markup Output








To display a list, select the data you need and click on the Numbered List option or the Bulleted List option in the markup tool bar.

Markup Output
1. Red

1. Blue

1. Green

1. Red

2. Blue

3. Green

* Red

* Blue

* Green

· Red

· Blue

· Green

Links and Images

To convert URLs and email addresses to hyperlinks simply include them into angle brackets.

TeamDesk Markup also allows converting a text phrase to a hyperlink. Simply include [link text] in square brackets and then add a URL link included in parentheses immediately after the link text closing square bracket.

Markup Output
[TeamDesk]( TeamDesk

Adding image syntax is similar to the syntax for links. To add an image, use the following syntax:

Markup Output
![Logo]( clip_image004



Please refer to this table creation example:

Markup Output
Left    | Center  | Right
--------| ------- | -------
Content | Content | Content
Content | Content | Content
Left Center Right
Content Content Content
Content Content Content

You may read more details in Markup Help . Furthermore, “Markup” option is also available for e-mail alerts.