We are receiving numerous requests about the availability of an affiliate/partner program for TeamDesk. Let’s try to summarize our vision on how we could work together today:

  • You may provide setup consulting services to your TeamDesk customers and partners (we charge $200 per hour , so you may easily compete with us).
  • You may try to develop your very own application(s) template and sell it via TeamDesk Application Library using "contact author" option. You may offer your setup consulting services to your application customers at your rate.
  • You or your company may develop the application(s) in dbFLEX, promote and sell it to the customers at your price. dbFLEX shares the core platform with TeamDesk and provides re-branding capabilities (changing logos, copyright strings, support and billing links etc). Each partner will have own third-level domain in a form of subdomain.dbflex.net. You’ll provide first level support to your customers. We’ll provide second level support to your developers and charge you a low platform usage fee.