More and more business people come to conclusion that for a qualitative leap forward they need to shift from old fashioned way of data handling in Excel to advanced web based application use. But in the vast majority of cases beginners are stuck with the complicated structures, how to begin, etc and all that just throws them away.

To make the shifting process painless and absolutely simple the jump start with TeamDesk is free of any constraints now.

We take an Excel file and based on its data create a customizable application for free so the customer can make sure that its exactly what he needs and that it provides all expected benefits. Giving a hand at this stage we permit the user to check in practice how up and running application changes the very approach of working with the data.

You can check it out here:

Once you try it, you will never want to come back to previous methods of information processing.

As you keep on using a web-based application it becomes quite clear that it’s an unexpendable tool of business development.