When you store addresses in a table, it is easy to configure your TeamDesk database to display each address on a map using Google Maps. To configure such mapping functionality, you simply need to create a formula-URL column.

For example, your database stores contact data:

To view each location on a map, you should create a column of formula-URL type , edit its settings and insert the following formula:

Please substitute [Address] with an actual column name where the address is stored.
If city, state, street, etc are saved in separate columns, you would need to create a formula-column that concatenates them into a complete address string, so you’ll use this formula-column name in a formula.

As a result, the value of a formula-URL column will be displayed as a button:

Click on this button and a map will be opened in a separate window. This map displays an object according to the address stored in your contact record.

As you can see, TeamDesk mapping functionality is handy to use and easy to setup.