Most modern businesses owe their success to their digital presence and, mainly, to their robust database systems.

Of course, you can try to make traditional spreadsheet processors fit your business needs – you can find many of them working online, but the chance that you will be able to match business agility with those outdated tools in today’s world of big data is pretty low. You’re lucky if a ready-made product precisely fits your business needs. However, when your business process is unique, using out-of-the-box solutions can become unjustifiably expensive and complicated. That’s why a custom-made web database is an undeniable advantage to offline alternatives or simple online spreadsheets.

Database Software Comparison

This database management system comparison below will help you quickly identify the advantages of TeamDesk online database management software over its major competitors. So if you’re searching for a simple, yet powerful and fully customizable web-based data software, take a look at TeamDesk. Give it a try, and your search may be over!

Scroll down to the Database Management Software Comparison, where we compare TeamDesk, Intuit QuickBase, Caspio, TrackVia, and Zoho Creator.

TeamDesk starting plan

Competitor Quick Base

Caspio PricingCompetitor Trackvia

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Quick Look at TeamDesk’s Advantages

There are dozens companies providing online business data management software, including Intuit QuickBase, Caspio, TrackVia, Zoho Creator, etc. Choosing the right tool for your company used to be a real challenge, however, if you come across TeamDesk, your search may be over. TeamDesk is completely scalable, so it will fit your business, no matter how large or small it may be. Check out these TeamDesk industry-standard key features and compare them against our major competitors:

  • Stability and security: TeamDesk has been in business for over a decade and this platform is here to stay for good. With a 99.96% uptime record over the last 6 years, TeamDesk’s reliability is rock-solid. All Teamdesk operations have backups, so the system will always remain operative. Also, the platform is hosted in a world-class data center, one of the most reliable and secure centers in the U.S.
  • Powerful and convenient user interface, more flexibility, and more functionality.
  • Unlimited data storage and database complexity for no extra costs.
  • Unlimited customer support: TeamDesk’s support team always provides back-ups and highly professional assistance with any issue you may encounter.