If you want to send out the orders by mail you will find this feature quite handy.

So you have a list of customers with their addresses, where the packages should be mailed to.
Multi-record document feature will help you generate the labels for your orders.

Let`s go through the process step by step.

You have a table that contains the addresses where the orders should be mailed.

First, go to Setup and generate a default document template, containing fields’ placeholders:

Once you have generated the document you are ready to design the template for your mailing labels.

In a new Microsoft Word document add a 1-cell table, and change the layout to 2-3 columns (whatever looks better for you).

Copy the necessary placeholders from the earlier generated template to the table cell. Save the document once you are done.

Now go back to the TeamDesk setup and click “Create a new document“. You need a multi-record document. It will allow you to tick the necessary addresses in the list and print only them.

Make sure that you uncheck the option “Start new record on new page” and check the option “Send to printer”. Add the template that you have designed and save.

When you are done with the settings go to your table, select several customers from the list, and click “Print Labels”.

The pop-up window will open showing you the generated labels. You just need to select a printer and print!

Now you can cut out the labels and place them on the packages.

We hope this scenario will make your experience with TeamDesk more enjoyable. Please feel free to share the ideas of the scenarios that you would like to be covered. We will consider your thoughts for future posts!