Seems like it’s time to look for QuickBase alternative… Consider TeamDesk

It’s been over a month since Intuit announced selling their software platform QuickBase along with Quicken and Demandforce. That resulted in a 12 percent shares drop, and there are no potential buyers appeared yet.

TeamDesk is not just QuickBase alternative. It's a better solution

If you are a QuickBase user, you likely have the following main concerns:

  • Risk. You’ve entrusted your company’s sensitive information to Intuit, but can you still rely on a platform if its vendor is not committed to it anymore?
  • Uncertainty. If a business is being sold, you may expect its support to drop out of the vendor’s priorities list. Can you still count on a quality customer service to back you up when you really need it?

Trying to find fair answers to these disturbing questions, you are beginning to realize that it is probably a time to shake things up, find a new safe and convenient home for your systems and leave this old home behind. Even though your current database home was pricey, you got used to it, but you’ve already overgrown it anyway. Looking for a new home, you want it to be more advanced and more convenient than you old one. You want it to be a more reliable and more dedicated to your business. You also want it to provide you with an unlimited space, allowing you to occupy it as much as you need without breaking a bank. At last, can it have a simple and straightforward pricing model with flat rates? You may think that you are asking too much, and it is hardly possible, but, as you know, good things come to those who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them. There are many good platforms out there, but when you come across TeamDesk, you would feel that your search is over.

During all those years your database has grown to such a degree of complexity that you can hardly imagine moving it to a new platform. Fortunately, TeamDesk online database provides a migration wizard that you may run, while TeamDesk crew also offers a free migration assistance. Just set back and relax while TeamDesk support team migrates your databases. The process is absolutely risk-free.

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Better than QuickBase and competitors

What benefits would you gain by migrating from QuickBase to TeamDesk?

  • Reliability and security. TeamDesk is in business for over a decade and this platform is here to stay for good.

With 99.96% uptime record over the last 6 years, TeamDesk reliability is rock-solid. All TeamDesk operations are completely redundant, and the platform is hosted in the world-class data center, one of the most reliable and secure in the US.

  • More powerful and convenient user interface, more flexibility and functionality.
  • Unlimited data storage and unlimited database complexity for no extra costs.
  • Unlimited customer support. TeamDesk support team always backs you up and provides a highly professional assistance with any issue you may encounter.

TeamDesk already provides a new home to many former QuickBase partners, helping them feel safe and secure. With a good record of successful migrations, many of the former QB users became TeamDesk loyal customers. For example, here is Ecco Safety Group success story:

Among QuickBase alternatives ESG chose TeamDesk

For almost a year, ESG was looking for QuickBase alternatives to replace it because of its pricing model and limited functionality. TeamDesk arranged an instant import of company’s existing database and assisted with every step of the process to recreate their workflow rules, notifications, etc. Norm Nguyen, ESG Senior software engineer draws the bottom line: “Our user accounts have tripled since the migration to TeamDesk. Not only TeamDesk was by far the most cost effective replacement but also has a similar user interface to ease the transition”.

TeamDesk is not just QuickBase alternative. It’s a better, faster, more flexible and more reliable solution. Simply the best out there, honestly. With more advanced functionality and flexibility, advanced reporting and powerful API interface, TeamDesk simply delivers more value, while costing you less. TeamDesk monthly rates start from under $10 per user, with no extra charges for high volume data storage.

This free QuickBase-to-TeamDesk migration offer may not last long. Take advantage of it and TeamDesk will make your migration as seamless as possible.