That’s what web-based databases are for in the first place – to share the data among the users.

You also expect different types of users (such as team members, clients, prospects or partners) to have relevant data access levels as well as appropriate access rights to shared online databases.

When users are invited to a database, their access must be granted according to their role in the company’s business. That’s why the greatest online database advantage is the ability to support different user access types. By simply creating roles and configuring permissions you can easily control what users can or cannot view, as well as what they can or cannot do with your online database. TeamDesk allows creating an unlimited number of user roles with a unique access rights combination for each one.

users access

To simplify users’ access administration and to optimize database pricing, each TeamDesk database can be shared with regular users, public users and external users.

Regular Users

Any TeamDesk database edition (Started, Team or Enterprise) includes Regular Users. They are invited by e-mail and each user has to sign in to a database using his/her login and password. Role-based access allows creating roles and assigning them to users. Moreover, you can specify Setup permission for each user to restrict his/her access to the Setup mode.

Public Users

To let you share some data with lots of anonymous users without signing them into the database, TeamDesk supports Public Users category. When the Public Users category is activated, you’ll be able to create a public URL providing an access to tabs or views displaying an appropriate data. The actions that your Public Users will be allowed to do are determined by TeamDesk’s role-based security, so you may apply special limitations. Naturally, public users cannot have an access to the setup mode. Public URL may be even integrated into your website, so a ‘view’ data or a table data may be accessible to website visitors.

External Users

In case a user is not your company’s (or its affiliates) employee or personnel, and he/she is also not someone to whom you provide hosted services, then such a user may be considered as an External User. TeamDesk External Users pack permits any number of external users to access your database, as long as such an access is for your company’s, but not for external users’ benefit.

External Users will be logging-in under their individual logins/passwords, so you’ll be able to assign them individual roles that precisely restrict their access to the system. External Users may have access to the data only but not to the Setup mode.