Uploading data from a .CSV file to an existing database table is a very common case. We extended TDRESTOREWIN tool to make the process easy.

Let’s assume that there is the Donations table in your database and you want to upload a new data to this table, but this data is kept in the Charity Donations .CSV file.

Database Table

To import the data choose tdrestorewin in the TeamDesk Backup and Restore Tools.

restore tool

Click on tdrestorewin.zip, save it locally on your computer and extract the files, for example, to the tdrestorewin folder. After that open this folder and click on the tdrestorewin file.

tdrestorewin file

As a result, the Account Information form will be displayed.

Account Information form

Fill in this form. To select a file you need, specify the CSV file format, then the list of available CSV files will be displayed:

CSV file format

When the form is filled in, click Next.

Filled in form

Now you should specify a table and columns where the file data will be imported to.

Select a table

Click Start. You may cancel the process if needed.

Start the process

When the process is finished, you will see errors list if some records were not imported because of an incorrect data format or symbols.


A new .CSV file keeping errors list is created automatically in the same folder where the initial file is stored.

Errors log file

You can open this file to review the errors.

Review Errors

After fixing errors you can re-import this edited file to TeamDesk via the tdrestorewin tool.