Today we have extended TeamDesk’s checkbox columns and formulas with some handy options.

Now you have a possibility to specify alternative texts for checked and unchecked state. In addition there is an option for checkbox column to let user edit the state via radio buttons. Here are samples:



All checked


All unchecked


1. Leaving both “Yes” and “No” labels empty preserves existing functionality – checkbox with no label on entry and texts Yes/No on display.

2. If you provide a text for Yes label and leave No empty, we’ll display that label beside the checkbox. In view mode we’ll display the label for checked state and empty string for unchecked.

3. In case of radio buttons, we are trying to fit the both buttons into a single line; if there is not enough space, buttons are displayed one under another.

Of course Display Graphics will suppress text and display checkmark instead, yet there are couple of places Display Graphics is ignored – documents and email notifications for example.

Also, strings provided for Yes and No labels are recognized when importing the textual data from CSV file or clipboard – once you set up the labels you can import the file containing, say, Ja/Nein or Si/No directly into checkbox column.