Today we have released first version of DabbleDB import tool.

Unfortunately DabbleDB backup file contains no metadata information, it’s just a zipped set of .CSV files containing the data from the application. In this situation all we can do is to restore the set of tables, columns and feed TeamDesk with the data – there will be no views, forms or table relationships; the user should recreate them by hand.

As TeamDesk columns are strongly typed, we are trying to do our best to guess the most suitable data type from the column’s data; that’s if all rows in the .CSV file contain some text we can parse as the date or number we assign proper data type to a column. However this approach has one drawback – we have to scan each file twice and import process will take a while.

Also at the moment, file attachment are not supported.

We’ll update this post with some news about improvements of DabbleDB migration process, stay tuned.