Today, we’ve added support for direct database documents and resource manipulation via WebDAV protocol into TeamDesk.

There is no need to save document template locally and then upload it to TeamDesk any longer. Clicking on a document template link now instruct Microsoft Office to open the template via WebDAV. After modifications are made you can save the document directly to TeamDesk database.


Also, we’ve added a WebDAV enabled link to database document templates and resources so you can now connect file management software directly to the database. To copy the link please check Setup > Database > Tools > Direct File Access.


Under Windows you can utilize either Map Network Drive (to assign drive letter) or Add Network Location (to map as a virtual folder) functions to get direct access to application files:




Under Mac OS X, please use Finder, Go > Connect To Server command.


We noted no problems when opening and saving document templates in Microsoft Office for Mac via direct link. However, many OS X Mavericks users report problems while trying to access various WebDAV servers via Finder. We have encountered some problems with writing files to TeamDesk as well. It makes us believe Finder’s WebDAV support in OS X Mavericks has some flaws. If you encounter such issues try using alternative WebDAV clients such as Cyberduck or Transmit. We hope Apple will bring OS X Mavericks WebDAV support into shape with of the next updates.