TeamDesk now supports more options in the address section of email notifications settings.

The To address can now be populated with a particular user of the application (select from the list) or with the following columns values:

  • E-Mail;
  • User;
  • Formula – E-mail;
  • Formula – User

or just with arbitrary e-mail address.

Access rights for the placeholders in the message body are determined by access rights of the user the system sends the message to. In case of arbitrary e-mail columns or an arbitrary e-mail address the access rights of the application owner will be used.

Cc and Bcc fields are added as well. These recipients will receive the copy of the message sent to the recipient specified in the To field regardless of their access rights.

The To field supports multiple recipients. Unlike e-mail clients, each recipient listed in the To field is processed separately as it requires recalculation of access rights and rebuilding the message body. The users listed in Cc and Bcc fields may receive multiple copies.

In addition to the existing options From address field also allows specifying columns and users. While it may be useful in certain scenarios, please note that notifications will still be sent through the TeamDesk’s e-mail server and some spam filters may intercept such messages because sender’s and server addresses won’t match.