Last week we added extra security features to TeamDesk Enterprise Edition: an option to block user account after some unsuccessful login attempts and a page to display all accounts’ login-related activities.

Account Security Page

Here is a new option on Security Control page. “Do not block…” let TeamDesk behave as usual. But now you have an option to specify the number of unsuccessful login attempts in a row.

After Nth unsuccessful login attempt domain administrators are notified by email and the message is displayed to the user.

The user has an option to unblock an account by resetting the password via Forgot Password link or contact administrators to clarify the situation.

Blocking the account only affects all subsequent attempts to enter login/password pair. Existing sessions remain valid until expired.

Enterprise user list is extended with couple of extra buttons:

There is new “Locked Out” section for blocked accounts and a button to perform one-click unblock. Login History button at the list header and Logins button display detailed track of login-related activities and beyond, such as password reset attempts. Both buttons lead to the same page, but Logins button filters the information just for single user account.

TeamDesk Starter/Team edition users are not left unprotected either – we perform the same login attempt tracking for them notifying the user by email after 5th login attempt.

And we consider extending dbFLEX with the set of features matching TeamDesk Enterprise. Stay tuned.