File Handling Changes

We’ve changed the way TeamDesk handles file attachments.

When you attempt to save the record, it goes to the server for validation and processing. In case, validation error occurs, the server returns back the page with your original data and validation errors. However files are lost. Why?

Due to security concerns, most browsers do not send full path to the file you have selected. Even they are, it is not possible to initialize file control back to original value. So, in case of validation errors file box is cleared and the user have to select the file again.

With new approach to file attachment handling, selected file uploaded to the server immediately after selection. The server stores the file in the cache and returns back the “ticket” file can be referenced later. The record displayed in the browser stores this ticket, and extracts the file from the cache during the submission via the ticket.

The control was also made more compact. Here is a new look:

File in the DBDatabase stores 01.jpg, file name is highlighted to allow browsing file content. Clicking Choose File or Browse… button will allow to select new file. Clicking Remove button will mark file in the database for deletion.

Uploading the fileAfter selection file uploaded to the server immediately. Please note, that database will be updated with new file only when user click Save button on a form.

File uploadedNew file (02.jpg) is successfully uploaded. File name is not highlighted since you have this file on your computer. Clicking Choose File or Browse… button will allow to select new file. Clicking Remove button will revert to those stored in the database.

File deletedFile in the database marked for deletion. Pressing Revert button will restore the file.

As we have to keep file data between the steps of import wizard, we have inserted similar control there. The differs from the control described above slightly, as there is no “file in a database” and thus no need to handle this case.